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Kitchenware - All you need to know about kitchenware

You can define kitchenware as simply hardware utensils used in the kitchen. Well, this definition is correct but it’s so broad and to an extent ambiguous. It’s true that kitchenware comprises of a great deal of tools and appliances used for eating and cooking, but you can break down these tools into manageable and easily understood categories. However kitchenware can be broken down into storage, eating and cooking tools. Here are some detailed descriptions of kitchenware.

1.  Kitchen Utensils
Kitchen utensils are some of the most important kitchenware in the kitchen. You can simply describe utensils as the tools that facilitate the transfer of food from a dish to the mouth. Some cultures allow for this transfer of food to be done through the hands, but many cultures around the world prefer employing these tools for this purpose. There are many types of utensils such as spoons, forks, knives and plates.
2. Cooking Kitchenware
There are various kitchen tools that are used for cooking such as pans, pots and dishes. These tools act as the medium between food and heat. While cooking, you don’t place food directly on the oven rack, nor do you place it on a burner in case you are using a stove. You place the food into a baking dish or casserole and pan or pot respectively. Kitchen cooking tools are made from various materials such as ceramics and glass for baking dishes, stone for pizza stone as well as metal for pans and pots.
3. Storage Kitchenware
Storage is one other activity that is commonly undertaken in the kitchen. You need reliable and efficient storage facilities to store food so that the food doesn’t go bad fast. Refrigeration is the most efficient way of food storage as the food is kept in an airtight container. This means that the decomposition process is greatly slowed due to the low temperatures thus food is kept edible for longer periods. Therefore, most storage kitchenware comes with airtight lids. Such appliances include lidded bowls and boxes, lidded dishes and vacuum flasks and dishes.
4. Food Serving Kitchenware
After food is cooked, it is served in dishes where it is served and consumed from. Dishes made to hold large amounts of food are known as “serving dishes” while those others that hold smaller and personal portions are the typical plates. There are those others that hold cups such as saucers, others like boats hold gravy while platters are associated with large and main dishes.
5. Special Kitchenware Tools
There is also another special category of kitchenware, the culinary kitchenware that makes your work easier. This type is mostly innovated and more sophisticated than commercial kitchenware. For instance, garlic press is used to press garlic into small pieces. Other tools grind, dice and slice edible materials in the kitchen. Such special tools include the blender and the electric beaters that cut plus liquefy fruits and mix edibles respectively.

Kitchenware is therefore a very broad and generalizing word that describes a whole lot of tools and appliances used in the kitchen. By cutting down these tools into smaller and specific categories like these shown above, you can get a closer and clearer look into the world of kitchen tools and understand them better. In case you are setting up a new kitchen, try to pan for the kitchen tools according to the categories shown above to ensure you get all the important kitchenware.