Ika IKA-C528 Range Hood

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Ika IKA-C528 Range Hood

Product Description

Ika IKA-C528 Range Hood

New technology smart clean* slanted hood with 304 Grade Stainless Steel cover complete with high quality tempered glass surface.

Intelligent smart clean system duration for 8 minutes only.

Cleaning percentage can up to 97% after processing smart clean system.

Touch screen operation mode.

Powerful booster suction power up to 2100 m3 /h

3 Speed suction power up to 1800m3 /h

Flip type slanted hood as to prevention of smell flow.

Heavy duty Matt Black oil storage as to rust prevention function.

Time delay function can be selected in between 3/6/9 min for extender ventilation after cooking.

Led light support

Noise Level (db): ≤60

Ventilation mode