Teka IB702 Induction Cooker

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Teka IB702 Induction Cooker

Product Description

Teka IB702 Induction Cooker


73cm Induction Hob

Touch Control Panel

• 9 Power Settings

• Security Blocking

Cooking time Programmer

Residual Heat Indicator

• Automatic Safety Swicth Off

Cut -out Size : 695 x 410mm

Product Dimension : 730 x 430 x 62mm

15AMP Plug

Total Power : 3400W

• 2 Cooking Zones : 1 Induction Element (210mm) , 1 Induction Element (180mm)

The Teka IB702 Induction Cooker: Revolutionizing Malaysian Kitchens

The Teka IB702 Induction Cooker stands as a revolutionary appliance, transforming the culinary landscape in Malaysian kitchens. This cutting-edge induction cooker, manufactured by the renowned Teka brand, seamlessly blends advanced technology with functional design, catering to the diverse cooking needs of Malaysian households.

At the heart of this innovation is the induction technology, which eschews traditional heating methods for a faster, more energy-efficient cooking experience. The Teka IB702's precision in temperature control ensures that Malaysians can achieve the perfect balance in their culinary creations, from delicate sauces to intense stir-fries. The sleek design of the cooker not only complements modern kitchen aesthetics but also maximizes space efficiency, a crucial aspect in Malaysian homes.

The Teka IB702 boasts an array of features tailored to the local cuisine, with specialized cooking modes for popular dishes like rendang and laksa. The cooker's rapid heating and precise simmering capabilities make it an indispensable tool for Malaysians who take pride in their rich culinary heritage.

In addition to its functionality, the Teka IB702 prioritizes safety with its advanced sensor technology, automatically adjusting heat levels and minimizing the risk of accidents. With its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art features, the Teka IB702 Induction Cooker is undeniably revolutionizing Malaysian kitchens, offering a perfect blend of efficiency, innovation, and culinary excellence.